2023 General Election County Candidates

Offices that are up for election, listed alphabetically. Candidates for each office are listed alphabetically by last name.

Candidate bios in the links below were provided by the candidates.

Board Of Supervisors – District 1
Brent Larson – Incumbent (R)

Board Of Supervisors – District 2
Avery Dunn (D)
John Morgan (R)

Board Of Supervisors – District 3
Dale Timothy Gordon (D)
David Rikard – Incumbent (R)

Board Of Supervisors – District 4
Scott Allen (R)
Anne M. Klingen (D)
Chad D. McLarty – Incumbent (I)

Board Of Supervisors – District 5
Greg Bynum (R)
Don Mason (D)

Chancery Clerk
Lloyd Oliphant (I)
Mike Roberts (R)
Marsha Pierce Theobald (I)

Circuit Clerk
Jeff Busby – Incumbent (I)

Constable – Central
Kenneth Drewrey – Incumbent (R)

Constable – Northern
Greg Pettis – Incumbent (D)

Constable – Southern
Jack E. Theobald II – Incumbent (R)

Glenn Coleman (R)
LaVera “Deede” Hodges (D)

County Attorney
Bela J. Chain III – Incumbent (I)

Election Commissioner – District 2
Erin Smith- Incumbent (I)

Election Commissioner – District 4
Laura Antonow – Incumbent (I)

Justice Court Judge – Central District
Mickey Avent – Incumbent (I)

Justice Court Judge – Northern District
Brent Johnson (R)
LaSonja “Sue” Pettis (D)

Justice Court Judge – Southern District
Krisi Allen (I)
Benjamin Justus (I)
Johnny Wayne McLarty – Incumbent (I)

Joey East – Incumbent (I)
Jeffrey C. South (R)

Tax Assessor/collector
Shelia Busby Kelly (R)
O.E. “Rocky” Kennedy II (I)