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Where are the tornado sirens located?

Map of Tornado Sirens

What websites, apps, or radio stations do you recommend for alerts?

Internet sources, available via computers, smart phone and tablets, can provide valuable information that is both current and accurate.  Many weather sites and mobile apps are available that can keep you informed and prepared.  We have listed a few below, but you are encouraged to search for your favorites. Some of the internet weather sites…

Where are the storm shelters located?

Storm Shelter Map   Shelter 10-Central Sta. Shelter 1-Harmontown Civic Center (4sets) Shelter 1-Harmontown FD (2sets)Shelter 4-College Hill (2sets)Shelter 15-Hwy. 6 W Shelter 16-Union WestShelter 9-1-TaylorShelter 9-TaylorShelter 14-ParisShelter 6-Tula Shelter 5-YoconaShelter 6-1-New EB ChurchShelter 3-7/9 SplitShelter 11-Lafayette Springs Shelter 12-PhiladelphiaShelter 7-1-GordonShelter 7-Abbeville (2 sets)Shelter 2 – FD 2 Hwy 30